Jouw Energie Moment

Prof. dr. Jan P.L. Schoormans, dr. ir. Ruth Mugge and ir. Charlotte Kobus (PhD student) - Consumer Research section of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering

The CB section aims to understand consumer responses towards products. With respect to smart grids, we aim to understand whether and when households are able and willing to change their electricity demand to match supply conditions. Specifically, we are interested in what design (e.g., interface design, smart appliances) can do in establishing habit formation so that the behavioral changes will last over time. Thus far, we have completed a qualitative study on a small set of households who were asked to ‘wash when the sun is shining’. We are currently analyzing the results of a large field study amongst 250 households in Breda and Zwolle, who received solar panels, an EMS, a dynamic pricing tariff, and a smart washing machine to shift the electricity demand of their washing machine over time. The study is called: Jouw Energie Moment. We are interested if these households are changing electricity demand to match supply conditions and why. Furthermore, we explore how the participants interact with the provided technology so that we can give design guidelines on how to improve this.

Publicaties 2013, 2014:
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Technical Magazines:
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