Heat and Power Systems at Industrial Sites and Harbours

Prof. dr. ir. J.A. la Poutr√©, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica 

Our energy system is transforming into a sustainable system. Especially important for potential innovations are the use of energy types electricity and heat. This is amongst others due to the increasing role of electricity, and because heat often is a large side product (waste) as well as one of the important reasons for energy demand. 
Industrial sites (with multiple actors) and harbors are important locations for the consumption and production of energy. Also here, the different roles of electricity and heat can be distinguished, however with a higher intensity per actor than in domestic environments and thus with a higher impact on the intensity of dynamics in the energy demand, supply, and locational aspects at the site. Whereas in domestic areas, energy demand and supply can potentially be peak-shaved by e.g. using incentive mechanisms like dynamic pricing and by averaging over many actors, this only holds into a limited extent for industrial sites and harbors, with big actors and strict, large demand or supply of energy for various steps in industrial processes. Electricity and heat both play an important role in industrial sites and harbors, especially for future sustainability. The project aims at developing solutions for automated power and heat management at industrial sites and harbors with a combination of multiple actors, industrial processes, and external factors. This is carried out by developing innovative models, simulation systems, agent-based market and coordination mechanisms, and optimization techniques. 

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