Dynamic Mechanism Design for Planning and Scheduling

By Dr. Mathijs de Weerdt

My current work is all related to dynamic mechanism design for planning and scheduling. For example, moving towards sustainable energy, the production costs of electricity become dependent upon the weather. Users planning electricity-consuming activities have individual objectives that are different from those of electricity generators. As a society we are interested in a pricing scheme for electricity with an equilibrium for electricity consumption and production that optimizes the social welfare.

The design of such a mechanism is an example of mechanism design in a dynamic setting involving planning and scheduling of activities. The focus of my research thus in fact is a synthesis of the research areas of algorithm design and game theory.

1) Alliander: scheduling for the distribution grid Alliander, a Dutch network operator, funds a PhD student (Frits de Nijs) to study algorithms that deal with uncertainty in scheduling for the distribution grid. This project runs from October 2013 to October 2017.

2) GCP: Gaming beyond the copper plate (see http://www.alg.ewi.tudelft.nl/projects/gcp-gaming-beyond-the-copper-plate/)



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