Car as Power Plant (URSES)

Fuel cell cars creating an integrated, efficient, reliable, flexible, clean, multi modal and smart transport and energy system

Uncertainty Reduction in Smart Energy Systems (URSES) project
Dr. ir. Z. Lukszo

The fuel cell car as power plant, a paradigm changing concept, proposed by Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk, has the potential to replace all electricity production power plants worldwide, creating an integrated, efficient, reliable, flexible, clean and smart energy and transport system. The concept is that fuel cell cars do not only contribute to a more efficient and cleaner transportation, but that when parked they can produce electricity more efficiently than the present electricity system and with useful ?waste? products heat and fresh water. 

In terms of technology, the energy production system can be envisaged as a fleet of fuel cell vehicles, where cars while parked (over 90% of the time) can produce with the fuel cell electricity, heat and fresh water, which will be feed into the respective grids. From a social perspective the stakeholders directly and indirectly involved in the design, building and operation of such a system, are car park operators, the local power, heat and water distribution companies, gas suppliers, H2 producers, the equipment, system and software manufacturers but also municipalities, regulators, policy makers and not to forget the car owners/users. 

This project investigates the feasibility of hydrogen fuel-cell car system to design a detachable decentralized multi-modal energy system. The scientific challenge is in shaping, controlling and operating such a socio-technical system of Car as Power Plant representing integrated energy and transport system that is economic, efficient, clean, robust, and reliable with minimal societal costs over its life cycle."

• Read Publication from Applied Energy, 2017

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